COVID-19 VACCINE: Our application to administer the vaccine is in the final approval process.  Please inform our staff if you would like to receive one and you will be contacted for an appointment when our application is approved.

Effective 1/11/2021 Georgia is in phase 1A+ of the vaccine distribution which states:  "The general public aged 65 and older can schedule appointments with their local health departments or other vaccine providers to receive the vaccine." A complete list of vaccine providers can be found on the Georgia Depatment of Health webpage.

Note: If you have an opportunity to receive the vaccine before GKA is approved, please do so and inform us so we can take you off our list.

Health Department links are as follows:

Eligible patients with a WellStar PCP can also request an appointment through their WellStar My Chart app.  In addition, Publix, Kroger, Ingles and other local pharmacies and healthcare systems are administering the vaccine.  Check the Georgia Public Health website for more details.

SCAM ALERT!!  The health departments are NOT contacting seniors to sign them up for the first vaccine at this time.  If someone contacts you from a number you do not recognize, DO NOT SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.  

Please check back frequently for updates as the distribution expands.   

 We appreciate your continued support through these unprecedented times.

Last update 1/26/2021